Links to read 10/02/2008 (p.m.)

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  • Portal page for two additional links, “10 Qualities of a Great Waterfront” and “The 9 most important steps in revitalizing a waterfront.” The main worry for the authors here (“A common challenge is how to revitalize places where the river, lake or sea has been cut off from the rest of town by wide roadways or hulking industrial facilities”) doesn’t apply to Victoria, whose waterfront is *not* cut off by road arterials or industrial areas. But in general terms, there are still some nuggets on the linked-to pages.

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  • This is the Cisco site that CEOs for Cities blog post pointed to (linked to below). It describes the Cisco-funded/ sponsored program, “Connected Urban Development” (CUD), now in several cities around the world.

    My question would be: how does a city (say, mine) get involved with this? From the webpage:
    By using network connectivity for communication, collaboration, urban planning, and other activities, CUD will help change the way in which cities do the following:

    * Deliver services to residents
    * Manage the flow of traffic
    * Operate public transportation
    * Use and manage real estate resources

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  • Another article that underscores the need for (and uses of) “cross-use” (as defined by Jane Jacobs). The interesting difference/ twist here is that cross-use is created/ nourished through congestion-cutting strategies and transit infrastructure, as well as (get this!) broadband infrastructure (!).

    So, interesting point to ponder: that congestion is another barrier to cross-use. Something to think about.

    And: think about taking broadband/ digital infrastructure into account when thinking about cross-use vs single-use. How to map the virtual onto the real/ actual? Hmmm….

    Note: CEOs for Cities entry has further links.

    tags: ceos_for_cities, urban_development, cross_use, cities, jjacobs

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