Street music

June 19, 2010 at 5:20 pm | In street_life | Comments Off on Street music

Last day in Boston, spent most around Harvard Square in Cambridge. Came across some interesting street buskers – varied, different, fresh. (For each group, click on the image to go to Youtube clip I shot.)

First up, two young guys (age 17), the drummer (unfortunately obscured in my little film clip) banging rather well on upturned cans and plastic pails, with the vocalist and guitarist carrying the song. In my clip, they’re covering Jimmy Eat World‘s Big Casino.

The next clip is a quartet: classical and folk, great sound – unfortunately partially drowned out by fire engines (but they played on, nonplussed):

Finally, a great quintet playing Sonny Rollins‘ famous standard, St. Thomas. The saxophonist totally rocked it:

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