Wisdom? Intact.

August 18, 2010 at 7:15 pm | In just_so | 2 Comments

No blog post about anything much from me tonight: it’s a bit of wackamole time at my house. This morning I took the daughter (16) to the oral surgeon, and after paying over $1972.00, she had all four wisdom teeth extracted. While this was going on, I picked up the prescription the surgeon’s office had faxed to the pharmacy, along with some berries for smoothies. (More on that later…)

Back to the surgeon’s, got the somewhat groggy daughter, took her home.

By the afternoon she was throwing up copious amounts of blood, and whatever thoughts of smoothies were in the back of my …no, our …mind(s) …was puked up. Repeatedly.

Water? Barf. Consomme? Barf. Water? Barf again.

Smoothies? Ahahaha!, barf again. And again.

I don’t know from “wisdom” teeth. Never had any extracted – have none in my lower jaw to begin with, and the ones in my upper jaw never erupted. I did have two extractions, once, when I was nearly 30 – for braces. They were premolars. No big deal – except for my primal Angst about e-x-t-r-a-c-t-i-o-n.

Maybe it would be a good idea if all resource extractors (who take things from the Earth) had to visit the dentist/ oral surgeon first. Just saying. Makes me wonder about having my appendix “extracted” when I was just 18 months old – what lurks in those body memories? Barf-o-rama? Or not? Gut feelings?

Intact. To be intact – such a dream. Wake up to reality, wake up to pain.


  1. I’ve always been fascinated by the topic of vestigial organs. Supposedly, wisdom teeth served to assist in the grinding of raw grasses and vegetable matter in prehistoric humans.

    I had a couple of wisdom teeth removed while I was undergoing jaw surgery to correct a minor overbite. I guess it was a 2-for-1 deal. It was an exquisite pain I have yet to encounter again.

    Barfing while one’s jaw is immobilized by a network of wires is even more unpleasant and potentially deadly. I’m glad it never happened to me.

    Best wishes on the recovery!

    Comment by robert randall — August 22, 2010 #

  2. Ugh, sort of like getting your jaw broken? (Don’t get me started on jaw-breaking! I noticed that Canadian orthodontists are very fond of this procedure, compared to my experience with American ones. It seems standard procedure here, to help them create those wonderfully toothy and perfect Hollywood smiles…)
    I can’t imagine what it would be like to try to vomit if your jaw is immobilized. Lucky you didn’t – and congrats (if that’s the right sentiment) on surviving jaw surgery / immobilization and wisdom tooth extraction. Sound truly dreadful…
    Re. recovery: yes, she’s all better now, thanks!

    Comment by Yule — August 23, 2010 #

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