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November 8, 2010 at 9:31 pm | In arts, green, victoria | 4 Comments

Last Friday, I stopped in at Exploring the Aesthetics of Sustainability | Green Design as Art, a small (but interesting!) weekend exhibit at the newly-completed Atrium Building in downtown Victoria. The developer (Victoria-based Jawl Properties) made an unfinished/ raw ground-floor retail space available to the the organizers – props to the Jawls for their civic-minded generosity.

(For some beautiful photographs of this building, especially its eoponymous interior, the atrium, see Lotus Johnson’s Atrium set on Flickr. Her photos are stunning – I particularly love the interior shots, for example, this one…)

On Picasa, I created an album of photos I took at the Green Design as Art event, which was organized by Cascadia Green Building Council’s Emerging Green Builders – Victoria. Wherever there’s a photo of an object, followed by a photo of an information sheet pasted to cardboard, the latter is the wall post that describes the object.

My favorite objects were Gary Streight’s “automans”: two stools made from recycled tires and other materials. The fluffy-topped one was cheekily feminine, yet oh-so-tough; and the elegant brown tailored number could fit into the most soigné of setting. Loved them both.

Below: photo of the show’s producers:

<—  Cascadia Green Building Council’s Emerging Green Builders organizers Dave, Tim, and Melissa pose for the cameras.


  1. I will have to check this out. I wonder how the acoustics are in there–recalling our longstanding wish to see the Atrium as a venue for music performances.

    Comment by robert randall — November 8, 2010 #

  2. Hi Yule,

    I’m not sure if you remember me, I was the acupuncturist you met at Hemma who referred you for chiropractic work. I am also a good friend of Jackie Kanyuk.

    This comment is not really related to your post, although I have oogled through the windows of the Atrium.

    I was just wondering if you’d be interested in popping into a new space that I’ve opened, Heart & Hands Health Centre. We are a community space providing holistic health services, which include group acupuncture, body work, yoga and more. We not only serve the community, but I have fostered a community of practitioners within it. Our aim is to provide services at affordable rates in order to shift the emphasis on preventative healthcare as well as mindful consumerism so that dollars are spent on services that improve well-being rather then on material objects.

    I would love to invite you to our space and you can receive a complimentary acupuncture treatment so that you can get a feel of what we’re all about.

    Hope you are well and hope to hear from you!

    Comment by Christina Chan — November 9, 2010 #

  3. Hi Christina – thanks for stopping by. Yes, definitely remember you, and will check out your new space, Heart and Hands Health Centre, perhaps next month!
    Rob, the show is unfortunately already over, as it was on for only a weekend. I feel badly for not blogging it on Friday (after I went), but I got so busy with other things, I couldn’t. Didn’t do it on Saturday, either. #fail! The post I finally did write isn’t terribly descriptive, so I kind of missed the boat on this… o_O
    But sometimes there’s too much going on!
    It was definitely an interesting exhibition, and if you want to see/ learn more, visit the Picasa page I linked to and view the photos. Photos of objects are followed by a photo of the wall post that relates to the object, which gives you more information about it (name of artist, description of object, etc.).

    Comment by Yule — November 9, 2010 #

  4. Hey, looks like it was a cool event! I would have liked to have checked it out. Thanks for posting this and the photos 🙂

    Comment by Davin Greenwell — November 10, 2010 #

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