Will you still love me if I sell what I love to use?

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Not since a high school summer job have I done anything connected to sales, and I hemmed and hawed mightily over how I could incorporate something as new-to-me (that’s a kindly way of saying “alien”) as network marketing or direct sales into my life.

But incorporate it I have, even if I’m not yet sure how to express it. So bear with me…

Over the past five+ months, I’ve become a dedicated (and I mean dedicated) user of Usana products: the Essentials (nutritional supplements), the Sensé skin and hair care line, and a variety of the diet and energy products. They’re all great – and I’ve benefited a lot from them. I feel better, more energetic, haven’t been sick for yonks (even though I’m around people who are), and look pretty good, too, imnsho. 🙂

Ok, so I’m a fan. I love the products.

But can I sell them? Can I reach people who want to sell them?

The DNA of network marketing is that you “clone” yourself: you find other people who want to sell the product, too. Instead of opening bricks-and-mortar stores, you and your friends and like-minded allies are the sales force. Can I clone myself?

It’s a system that does work – if you can do it. Frankly, I’m still figuring it out. And keep in mind that I’m simultaneously trying to re-style my intellectual thinking cap, too …while popping those amazing supplements, of course! Meanwhile, at the back of my head there’s my inner Adorno, the über-critic bemoaning my capitulation to sales and capitalism. Like, this is news that I’m a capitalist? No, of course not. But inner voices are funny that way.

Here in Victoria we have a fab team of people who use and sell the Usana line. It’s really a team-like, cooperative effort, and we host monthly events (the lunchtime “Lunch & Learn” and the  “spa” evenings). This month, heading into the new year, we’re doing a Reset Challenge. The team put together a great information flyer (PDF), and I wrote a little blurb about it on my other site (the one that has been “under construction” for months and months – I plan to change that this year, promise).

I can unreservedly recommend the entire Usana brand.

There. I said it. And I’m selling it, too.

Happy New Year

January 1, 2011 at 11:43 pm | In just_so, victoria | Comments Off on Happy New Year

The irony doesn’t escape me. A couple of days ago I posted photos of bad art, and today I’m going all soft in the knees over a spectacular sunset – which I captured on my iPod Touch and then massaged via Camera+ (an excellent iPhone/ iPod Touch app), bringing out what some might call the sunset theme’s most saccharine and kitschy qualities…


The local Twitter-verse (and Vancouver’s) was abuzz with tweets about the fabulous sky this afternoon – it was this amazing gift we were getting. Bad art might be bad art, but a sunset is only kitschy if you weren’t there to see it yourself. Tonight, we West Coasters have black velvet and sequins stapled to the insides of our eyeballs – it was that intense.

I took this photo from King George Terrace at the foot of Gonzales Hill.

…Victoria, your seductive power remains acute.

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