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  • Corporate brand imagery as kudzu. Great points.
    The logo-ing of our cities and neighborhoods is this process in reverse. Instead of borrowing the ambiance and associations of a place, the product infests it with its own characterless generica, diminishing and voiding out its authentic qualities. The omnipresent logos, like a kind of corporate kudzu, cover and conquer all.

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  • I too have to admit that I don’t get the benefit allegedly bestowed by this donut (or “whitewall motorcycle tire”), either. In downtown Portland, Apple may tear down an existing retail building across from Pioneer Square and build in its place a one-story Apple Store. Downtown. Why, Apple, why?
    While communities all up and down the Silicon Valley are trying to repair sprawl by replacing it with smart growth, Apple is actually taking a site that is now parking lots and low-rise boxes and making it worse for the community. Yes, it will be iconic, assuming you think a building shaped like a whitewall motorcycle tire is iconic, but it will reduce current street connectivity, seal off potential walking routes and, as I wrote some time back, essentially turn its back on its community. With a parking garage designed to hold over ten thousand cars, by the way.

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  • Fascinating article about how we perceive scale, the scale of the cities we live in:
    We often have a certain sense of cities’ importance and size, but this is too often founded on a fairly parochial context; our perceptions of cities are based on other cities we are familiar with or that are around it, and we neglect to recognize how big or small cities really are.

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