A firm believer in the values of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues, sustainability and innovation with experience in engineering, government and international business development, Han-Jun puts his effort in people, causes and organisations that make the world a better place.


He develops strategies and insights addressing to sustainable urban development, ESG, built environment technology and organisational development. He previously held positions at the Ministry of National Development (Singapore), Building and Construction Authority (Singapore) and Land Transport Authority (Singapore).


Han-Jun is a real practitioner with solid experience of hands-on and on-the-ground implementations in several high-level built environment and infrastructure advisory projects for governments and organisations spanning across multiple states of India, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, other parts of Southeast Asia and also Middle East region.


Experience spans across implementation of large infrastructure projects with science-based, evidence-backed and data-driven strategies for environmental risks, climate risks, community handling, operations, project management to whole-of-system approach covering Results-Based Financing (RBF) Project Management Model, Transport, Water, Sustainability, Land Development (Redevelopment), Housing, Building Control, Waste Management, Greenery, Built Environment Technology plus the connectivity components comprising Airport, Sea Port and Railway.


He is also the founder of Global Awareness on Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change Issues group, focussing on climate knowledge sharing and innovations. Throughout his career, Han-Jun’s passion has been creating spaces for sustainability issues and exchange of knowledge between domain experts.


“My passion is to encourage responsibility for environmental issues and to channel private initiatives for public good. For me, this means combining economic dynamism with fairness, responsibilities, proper knowledge and compassion.”



Also, Han-Jun founded some Linkedin groups for like-minded people to come together and share knowledge. Do take the time to browse and join the groups. Warm welcome!

Linkedin Groups
Harvard Alumni for International Business Networking

Stanford Alumni for International Business Networking

Global Awareness for Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change Issues

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