Genkii ! says Hi to the World! Hello Everyone!

After many sleepless nights of staring at the computer, I am happy to announce the birth of Genkii !. Genkii ! is a digital bazaar for consultants, advisors and professional service providers to come together to offer their expertise and services to entrepreneurs, companies and organisations, anytime from all over the world. 


The Covid-19 pandemic is still raging and  continues to affect many people’s lives. It is clear that traditional employment practices will no longer have as strong a foothold as before. Many people lost seemingly stable jobs even though they have strong experiences and competent skills. Now, companies also face exceedingly difficult challenges as countries inch forward to opening their economies. 


As the economy rebounds, many companies will not be able to grasp the available opportunities because of the lag in talent acquisition/ hiring and also because of how employees’ mindsets are very much different post-Covid. As much as companies are rethinking the #FutureOfWork, employees are also rethinking the #FutureOfLife. Due to some companies’ inability to position themselves strategically for the future with the right talents, many will lose their rankings and find it difficult to retain their competitive advantages moving forward. I expect to see some companies lose their footings entirely and fade away while their competitors race ahead. 


Many are discovering work-life balance, and as long as they have the right skills coupled with a growing portfolio of useful works, they are still able to continue to value-add to employers and achieve a good quality of life.


On the other hand, some companies are discovering that certain skills are critical to a company’s growth, that’s why they are strategising to recruit those talents and prevent competitors from accessing this pool. 


The idea of Genkii ! is to provide a platform for consultants, advisors and professional service providers to continue to provide their expertise during the pandemic, at their own time and from anywhere. People who signed up to the Genkii ! platform will be able to list their expertise at their desired pricing and will be able to make use of our integration with Paypal and Stripe to charge for the services provided. 


We want to enable business professionals with the right skills to contribute to the corporate ecosystem and grow their portfolios. We want to help business professionals to succeed and achieve work-life balance.  We want to enable everybody along the entire corporate spectrum to contribute, earn a decent living no matter the situation. 


If you are interested, you can also sign up for an account with Genkii ! here. We’ve just integrated Google, Facebook and Linkedin sign ups and logins over the weekend so that the signing up process is a breeze for all! I’ve tested the system and it is good to go!


Looking forward to you signing up, listing your expertise and growing your portfolio of works! In the meantime, we will still continue to develop our digital bazaar and will be meeting a series of companies throughout the year to promote the digital bazaar and your services as well!


Psss, Genkii ! is still works-in-process and we will be making improvements along the way! Stay tuned for more good highlights.


Keep on hustling!


Update: All news that are related to Genkii ! have been shifted to this blog.

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