Creating a Global Talent Venture Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), for Consultants and Professional Service Providers

I haven’t been writing for quite a few months. My last writing was on 17 April 2022 and between that article and now, roughly about four months, I’ve been studying about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and applying those concepts to building


So, what is


Basically, it is a talent venture that is powered by AI and the entire construct is to supplement consultants’ and professional service providers’ business development in a big way. Once someone or a company has listed their expertise on, our system will continuously monitor the digital space for business opportunities and promote relevant expertise to buyers or companies that may need them. It’s a hunter type of promotion, different from the usual passive promotion.


So why have I decided to start


Well, I feel that one of the greatest challenges now, firstly, is the slow transition to a work-from-anywhere business model. At the moment, I believe that we are witnessing the tip of what the future of work might be. I predict that this trend of working-from-anywhere is only going to get stronger when the Gen A enters the workforce, and this wave is going to disrupt immigration and political systems that thrive on immigration.  This will exert substantial pressure on such systems’ ability to grow economically.


Second, the workforce is not as hungry as before. The prices of real estate should continue to rise, and mortgages are expected to be more expensive as the rates go higher. I think that in countries where it’s a cultural thing for people to stay with their parents, they will continue to do so.  However, I noted that more people are staying with their parents, and this is happening in countries where people usually move out after a certain age.


Nowadays, parents are telling their kids to quit their jobs if they don’t like it because they already have a roof over their heads. The younger generation retreats into their room, start their content creation business or begin to take on work that’s related to their skills, for e.g. doing software testing for multiple clients from anywhere.


Third, it’s relatively difficult for people of other colors to secure employment now, and it might become even worse when work-from-anywhere becomes the norm. Since companies might be able to employ workers from anywhere in the future, there could be the warped possibility for recruitment to take on people from just a certain region, country, etc. If this happens, it’s going to strip away a lot of employment opportunities.


Thus, I decided to create On the surface, it looks like just any talent venture or global marketplace, but it is actually powered by an expert system underpinned by an inference engine that relies on backward and forward chaining technology. Recruitment into the talent venture is based purely on talent. Business development is also based purely on talent.


Through this platform, we are trying to support people who take on remote work, helping them to break free from certain recruitment biases and hoping that this will eventually supplement their incomes or maybe even make it their main source of income. Consultants will also be able to make use of the integrated finance system to manage payments.


After we launched the talent venture, we’ve so far attracted more than 800 plus talents, but we had to scale it back to the 300 consultants to maintain quality and as of the date of this writing, it has gone over 400. I’m very glad that we’ve actually managed to find a practical use case for this type of AI expert system. I sincerely hope that it could serve the global community and unlock economic opportunities for them.


We are still trying to improve so this is work-in-progress.


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