Stanford Now Charging Students for Becoming Target of DMCA Investigation

verbatim copy of letter from Stanford:

Illegal use of file-sharing technology continues to be a critical
problem at Stanford. In spite of our efforts to advise students about
the serious consequences that can result from illegal distribution of
copyrighted materials there is clear evidence that this is a growing
phenomenon that is not going away.

As a result, the university is announcing a change in the policy
governing DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) complaints. The new
policy involves an Internet reconnect fee and represents a significant
change in actions the university will take in addressing violations.

For information on the new policy please see:….

If you have questions about the DMCA Reconnect Fee policy, please contact
Lauren Schoenthaler (at: <private>, Senior University Counsel.


Greg Boardman
Vice Provost for Student Affairs

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