BeanSec Thanksgiving Edition

This year BeanSec’s November meeting falls the day before Thanksgiving. This causes the triumvirate to consider whether to make a special exception and stray from our solid “3rd Wednesday of the Month” formula or try and weather one of the busiest drinking nights of the year. A difficult question that requires some thought and perhaps some background.

One of the most successful aspects of Beansec is the organic and informal setting. It is even more “un” then your average unconference like BarCamp. We don’t even have presentations. People from the industry just sit around and drink. Sometimes they talk shop, sometimes they don’t. Getting everyone to meet was chaotic since we didn’t want to introduce a mailing list or require people to “sign up” in any way. So we introduced the idea that we would meet on a specific night of every month.

So with that in mind we will make the Thanksgiving Edition a sort of “bye” week for the founders. I think I will be the only one even in town and I may or may not make it that night. But I am assured that the Enormous Room will be packed with random people. So if you want to just come out and socialize come hang out at the ER for the night. You will have to buy your own food and alcohol this time around but I promise we will be back in regular form next month.


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