Right Choice

Talisse On Rawls

Pg 6

“What is ‘justice as fairness,’ and why has it stirred so much controversy?

Pg 19

“Of course, the term “justice” is used in many different ways; for example, we often hear the word “just” used to describe entities as diverse as governments, laws, court decisions, and individual actions. However, Rawls is concerned primarily with social justice, the justice of what he calls the “basic structure” of a society.”

(.. the primary subject of justice is the basic structure of society, or more exactly, the way in which the major social institutions distribute fundamental rights and duties and determine the division of advantages from social cooperation. From Theory of Justice )

Pg 24

“…individuals enter into social arrangements for the purpose of attaining benefits unavailable to them singularly; accordingly, a society is a “cooperative venture” aimed at the “mutual advantage” of the individuals that comprise it.

At the time Rawls wrote A Theory of Justice, the dominant liberal theory of justice was utilitarianism.

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