Seeking help from Books

There is a fascinating article in Today’s New York Times with the title C.E.O. Libraries Reveal Keys to Success.

Actually great people always have something in common.

Venture Capitalist Michael Morit has his private library; NIKE founder Phil Knight got his library just back in his office. . . .

There are also other numerous leaders seeking help from libraries, books exactly. Books ignite ideas ignored by average people; words generate creativity out of touch; libraries provide world leaders with answers neglected by the world. The examples of such are countless: Winston Churchill “locked” him in his personal library to read before his return to power; Karl Marx “dived into” British library before he finished his Le Capital. Benjamin Franklin fled Boston to be an apprentice printer in Philadelphia, leading him to be one of the Founding Fathers of the US. Mao Zedong who took advantage of Beking University Library when he worked there before he took over China from Chiang Kai-shek. …

It can go on and on and on. Thus the take-aways is to make reading a low-hanging fruit to the extent in which you will be amazed now and be great in the future.

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