The Art of War and Law School Admission Test (LSAT) – Chapter Six Arrangement

Chapter Six


The test takers should get into the test location early than rush. The earlier arrival will at ease and get some rest before the test. The later arrival or just-on-time arrival will be tired and nervous, impacting their overall mentality to do the test. So the master LSAT takers direct the test rather than be directed.

So the good test takers are looking for a close test location to take the test. If it is not possible, just find a hotel to live the night before the test day. Thus if anything happen during the test, you can adjust to be most advantage to you whatsoever.

The relaxation just before the real test is important since the test is not only a physical challenge but also a mental test. You have to be relax and have enough sleep before you take the test. When doing the test, you need to answer the questions which are easiest to get it right for you, and answer some different questions later on. Then you will find a surprising result due to it, even though you skip some perhaps. So when you do all the LSAT without exhaustion, you will have better chance to get higher score than those feeling overwhelmed. When you are taking the test, you will get the best result. When you see the questions, the right answer will get out naturally.

Thus the good test takers will not get confused by the tedious languages; they will get the answers right even before the time is up.

It is very subtle and very amazing that the test seems becoming very easy. It is the key to get highest score.

Therefore, the strategy here is that the good test takers get all the easy answers right, and even though there might be the very hard questions, they can also get very high scores. Perhaps they need to guess for some questions, they prefer to use the elimination strategy to make an educated guess. Thus whenever good test takers are better at one question type than another, they can dig the right answers out even LSAC put that type at the last question. If the test takers are worse for one type of question, they will skip it first even though it is the first question in the section. Screw the numerical order of the questions in each section, but take the questions you are most at ease and therefore make sure it is right.

The good test takers are alive and the questions are just printout, dead. We are intelligent and can focus on our strength, but the LSAC cannot change the order, like computer-based GRE. Therefore we can target specific questions even in a reverse order, but there are no rules to prohibit us from doing it. Therefore, we turn the odds around to favor us. If so, the good test takers can get the most scores easily and correctly. There is no wonder that some of them can get the 179 or above. The LSAC only designed the test for the average people who LSAC expected to be around 150, 50 percentile. If that is the case, the LSAC will put more hard questions to limit the number of test takers to get higher score. If it is so some questions must be very easy to ace by most people. If you read it, if you know the essence of it, if you make use of it, and if you practice LSAT test with it, you will be several steps ahead of other people, and thus you will get most of the easy questions right. It is kind of the free gift of the LSAC; you are in a better position than average test takers to get higher score if you know this.

Thus, the secret of LSAT here is that you read the questions first before you read the passage. Doing so, you will be able to see the difficulty of questions and do the one which you are most comfortable with and skip the one with which you have most difficulties. You can turn to even the last page even if the LSAC left it there. You can find one no matter the LSAC put it on the first page of the section of the last page of the section, or no matter it is on the left hard of the question or the bottom right of the pages. All the questions are dead, but you are alive. You are in charge of the test rather than be led by the dead questions.

In addition, if you know each question types and you arrive early on the test day and relax well and confident, you can ace it no matter how the questions arranged in the real test day. If you cannot identify the question types, you cannot skip around and thus be induced by the attractiveness of the order; you will get confused and feel very tired when you move the end of each section. No matter how hard or how easy it is, you will get use the skipping around strategy to get the easy answer answered early and correctly.

Based on my experience, even those with 180 score, they are using this strategy, let alone others. Therefore, the LSAT can be aced by any of you no matter how hard it is; the key is to use the right strategy.

Therefore, planning the test and accessing your ability to ace the LSAT, skipping around so all the odds will favor you. If you will be getting tired at the end of each section and you will run out of time for the test, so you have to know when to take and when to skip. Knowing the different questions types even though they are asked differently, you will “smell” the right one it if you have practiced enough questions.

Furthermore, the best strategy of the secret of the LSAT is leverage yourself to a level to the extent that you do not have to think more than a second when reading the questions to figure out whether to skip. This intuition is out off the hundreds of questions practicing, and endless of practice day in and day out. By just reading the first few words in the choices, you will know whether the answer is correct or not.

Most people only see the 180 or 179 on the LSAT, and very desire for it. However, they do not know how hard they study and how systematically they analyze each question, and how many questions they have done, even how many times for even a question. Thus very few people get to the top, but practice and right strategy can get you there as long as you really understand the secret of the LSAT.

Therefore, answering the LSAT questions are like water moving downward. The test strategy is to avoid the hard questions and correctly answer easy ones. Skipping the hard ones and seizing the easy ones. Water is moving between banks. In the same principle, the good test takers can adopt the LSAT to ace it. Thus there is no unchanged principle or strategy to use, but the creative strategy to make the most score out of the LSAT. To use what you have learn to answer the questions that the LSAT presents; to use the unchanged secret of the LSAT to ace the derivatives of the LSAT. That is called secret of the secret of the LSAT.

To conclude here, there is no everlasting unchangeable and everything is comparable, just like the circle of the day and night.

To be continued….

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